Five Rules For Solo International Travel

Five Rules For Solo International Travel

Say, I Rule My Life...

As a woman who travels frequently for work work and fun, I finally did something that I had never ventured out to do before.  I planned a solo international birthday vacation. All of my close friends that I frequently vacation with had done this so many times before and I had yet to join the club.  I called each of them one-by-one and they all encouraged me to go for it.  So I did it!!!  And the verdict is…I LOVED IT. 
Wow, let me tell you, it was amazing!!  I traveled to Cabo San Lucas and as a resident of Las Vegas, this was relatively a short travel day.  Three hours total air time, that’s pretty good.  
I always travel somewhere for my birthday and in January I started looking for places to go.  I had been to Cabo once before a couple years prior and loved it, so I said, why not, I’ll go again!
I booked my flights and meticulously searched for my hotel, as I LOVE beautiful hotels.  It just makes my vacation that much more enjoyable. The resort I booked was only a year old and I actually remember it being under construction when I was in Cabo on my previous visit. So I settled on a resort called, Solaz, its part of the luxury collection from the newly acquired Marriott brands.  And that’s another thing.  I only stay at Marriott properties.  Why?  Because…if it doesn’t make points, it doesn’t make sense.  I’m a loyal member of Marriott and Southwest Airlines reward programs and I NEVER deviate from either one.  Okay, plug is over.
So, my birthday was March 21, and I arrived into Cabo on my birthday, it was a real treat to start my birthday off on such a Fabulous note.  Because I was traveling solo, I definitely wanted to make sure I was being smart about my travels.  Smart travelers are safe travelers, right?
So, here are my 5 Rules for safe solo traveling.
1. Arrange for the resort to transport you to the property.
When you arrange for the hotel to transport, you can rest assured that you're in good hands, versus, just hopping into a random cab all by your lonesome.  It’s a little bit more costly of a route, but what’s a few more dollars to give you peace of mind that you will arrive to your destination safely. So I did this and it was $125 each way for a 25 minute drive versus a $70 cab ride each way. Ouch, right?  Yes, like I said, it’s a more expensive route, but well worth it when traveling solo.
2.  Plan your stay ahead of time
Depending on your level of turn-up, this one can go a bunch of different ways.  Here’s a couple of options. Use the hotel concierge to plan your excursions and activities during your stay.  Or if you know anyone that has traveled to your destination, ask them for recommendations.  Some of the more popular restaurants will most likely be booked if you wait until arrival to make reservations.  Same goes for activities.  A good traveler always plans ahead. Unless you’re more of a "make it up as you go" type gal, the point is to DO YOU!
3.  Arrange for international cell coverage
Like I’ve said, a smart traveler is a safe traveler and its always best to be prepared for any mishaps that may occur.  Ensure that your international cell service is being provided in the area you're traveling to.  Most mobile companies will provide this at a rate of $10 per day.  It can be a little costly if you’re traveling for more than a week, but again, well worth it for the peace of mind it provides.  Another option, which I learned about on a trip to Greece a few years ago, is to purchase a SIM card.  SIM cards can be purchased for a minimal flat fee amount and are less expensive than daily cell service.   

4.  Make sure people know where you are
Please, please, please give your travel itinerary to a trusted person who can leap into action if needed.  They should have your flight and hotel info and all locations of your planned excursions. I know that vacations are a time to unplug, however when traveling solo, its just a good idea to let 1-2 people in on the dets of your plans.  It’s just the best thing to do.
5.  Take time to refuel yourself
For those of us that work hard, playing hard holds equal value.  During your stay, take time to do something you absolutely LOVE. What ever that is!  If sleeping ALL DAY  is your Jam, DO IT.  If lounging by the pool satisfies you, make it happen.  What about Spa time, know we’re talking, Right!  Anything that feels right to you, go for it.  It’s your vacation, you should spend it however you desire.  
Well, there you have it. If you’re planning your first solo adventure, take these 5 Rules To Travel By into consideration and ensure your bases are covered and have a great time.
Until next time, this is Tiffany Jones, the I Rule My Life catalyst. 

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