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Love to Travel?

Tiffany Jones

Posted on April 05 2019

Love to Travel?


One of the many ways that one can say, "I Rule My Life" is through travel. To date, I've visited over 10 countries across 3 continents and always looking forward to the next adventure.  Do you travel often?  Or is this an item on your bucket list?  I feel its easier than ever to travel, especially if you desire to explore, but don't have someone ready or able to join in on your journey.  Here's what you can do to fix this.  

Research the many travel groups that are available today.  You can even find some that are specialized in certain destinations, adventures, experiences, for women only, for men only, co-ed travel, couple travel.  It all exists!  You just have to find what appeals to you.  So if travel is your jam, get that passport ready and make it a must do for 2019.  



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